If they are lacquered, the removable panels can be in all the hues of the RAL color chart; Other color charts on request.
Matte, satin, gloss, or micronised / textured finishes.

Design and functional planters for made-to-measure revegetation of important surfaces.
Like traditional prefabricated concrete dividing walls L shaped, STEELAB SML consists of the assembly of edge modules to form custom-made compositions. The sheet metal brings to the concept aestheticism and functionalities.
On the aesthetic aspect, the facade panel in sheet metal offers a sober and contemporary line. The choice of material and finish is vast: from aluminum
(lacquered to the color of your choice) to Corten steel.
From a functional point of view, STEELAB SML provides solutions to the installation difficulties inherent in these large assemblies. Each module is the
combination of three pieces: A bottom, a facade panel, and an assembly rib.
The entire structure can be manual handled that facilitates the transport and handling on site. Each modul is designed to accept an assembly adjustment slack which is necessary for correct alignments.

Aluminum 3 to 4mm of thickness depending on dimensions.
Lacquered finish for facade panels and crude for the bottoms and reinforcing ribs.
The STEELAB SML concept can also be used in many steel grades to meet the expectations of each project: powdercoated steel or even enamelled steel, Corten steel, stainless steel, etc.

Ground installation supported on lugs or in option :
– Adjustable support pads ;
– Weight distribution buffer to avoid punching of ground waterproofing systems.


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