Manufactured in France, MTO only and therefore to your specifications, Steelab sheet-metal planters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications… indoors and outdoors alike!

We manufacture to order so as to meet every need under the best possible quality and service conditions, so providing an unlimited choice of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, options and accessories.

Steelab complements the Image’In range in situations where there are major load problems or where planters need to be of non-standard sizes. Sheet metal also enables us to overcome various specific functional constraints and the restrictions imposed by creation of such products as street furniture.

The Steelab range also encompasses accompanying outdoor furniture such as planters with seats, benches and storage chests.

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Image'In planter for restaurant

IMAGE’IN & STEELAB Bespoke planters that fit your restaurant !

Some restaurants have recently been equipped with our IMAGE’IN fiber cement planters.
Used as well to mark the entrance of the establishment, to vegetate a facade or to border a terrace. Bespoke solutions to delimit spaces, or even to secure the space according to the exhibition of the restoration area.

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The 15th edition of “JARDINS, JARDIN” open its doors in Paris

La 15è édition de JARDINS, JARDIN ouvre ses portes en plein cœur de Paris du jeudi 31 mai au dimanche 3 juin 2018. Un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour les amateurs de jardins et de design extérieur, alors à vos agendas !
Prenez y l’inspiration, Atelier so green vous aidera à réaliser vos projets sur mesure !

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