IMAGE’IN has developed different garden chest solutions for your outdoor storages : cushions, children’s toys, garden tools and products …
Made in France and bespoke, the IMAGE’IN fiber cement garden trunk storage adapts to your dimensions. Available in all shades from the RAL color chart, choose your color and finish: mat, satin, gloss or micronized (sanded).

Different closure solutions are available:

  • The wooden strip cover : not waterproof but particularly suitable for transforming your storage chest into a garden bench.
    The wooden top is generally offered in exotic wood type IPE for example. These species are chosen for their stability. This use requiring low consumption, we choose this precious wood for its durability which remains a major asset to guarantee durability. Closure solutions with French production wood, such as Douglas, are however feasible.
    This wooden seat can be “Through” or “Embedded”, two aesthetic solutions illustrated opposite.
    The orientation of the wooden slats can also be longitudinal or transverse depending on the desired rendering.
  • The aluminum sheet metal cover : ideal solution for the storage of sensitive products requiring a waterproof chest. This closure solution more expensive nevertheless has the advantage of being light and can also be used as a seat to transform your chest into a garden bench.

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Photo credits
Bruno OIZAN CHAPON, Paysages et Luxuriance.