Ground recessing boxes for floodlight from CJCJ are showcased in this new major lighting project

LIghting designer : Lyum

The concept
The lighting of the Haute Borde Castle is architectural. It highlights the main facade of the building and its park.
The spotlights allow the revelation of certain architectural details. Light effects in diving and against-diving give a new vision of the monument; and puts it subtly in value.
The programming of a colorful scenario, with dynamic color changes, punctuates the staging and highlights the magic of the site.

Installer: BCD Renouvelable

CJCJ products references used here:
Recessing box in the ground for integration of architectural floodlight composed of a 10mm thick fiber-cement buried tank, a tempered glass closure in a ventilated stainless steel frame, a fixing and adjustment rail of the projector –
Embedded boxes for floodlight – Types: 5421/5021 / 5421SE (semi-buried / lacquered in grey 900 sandblasted) and
Boxes for LED linear – Type 5821 CG (for Philips Colorgraze projector).

Place of installation: Castle of Haute Borde in Rilly sur Loire (41).

Photo Credit: Lyum


> Download the datasheet FP5421

> Download the datasheet FP5021

> Download the datasheet FP5821