Plant containers for building entrance ! The co-ownership of this residence wanted to cover the open spaces on both sides of the building entrance. Indeed, the latter saw itself too regularly subject to degradation or dirt. Image’In provided them here with their custom-made plant containers in various shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to adorn the entire floor space with an original and dynamic set. Access to the corners of the building is no longer possible. At the same time, the space is now warmer.

The choice of finishes is sober and design with these two shades of gray. It is a consensual decision that permit to stay in harmony with the building and the stone floor. And for a use requiring a minimum of maintenance, the choice of plants requiring only a little watering was quite natural.


Illustrated references here
Plant containers for building entrance – Image’In planters in fiber cement. Formats: Rectangular, Cubic Square, Triangular and Trapezic.
References: IRM100.80H40; ICC80.80H80; ITR80.65H40; IRM100.65H40, IRM100.35H80 and ITP110.80H40

Colors and Finishes
Combination of 2 colors and 2 finishes in gray tones: RAL 7038 Agate gray in Satin varnish and RAL 7015 Slate gray with glossy varnish.

Water Management
Draining base

Horticultural system (reference IOP-SH): polystyrene plate of 40mm thick, perforated to ensure a perennial drainage. It replaces the draining layer at the bottom of the pot usually made of clay balls, pozzolan, chippings … These horticultural systems are also equipped with small cups forming a water reservoir of the order of 5L / m².
The advantages: a perfectly long-lasting drainage and a reserve of water without any risk of frost!

Place of installation
251 Quai Bataille de Stalingrad
92130 Issy les Moulineaux

INSERPRO, in Elancourt (78),

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