IMAGE’IN are also plant containers adapted for the vegetation of restaurants : to improve the appearance of a façade, to mark an entrance, or also to create separations on a terrace …

Many Buffalo Grill restaurants are getting a facelift and for their new design, they have chosen the IMAGE’IN custom fiber cement planters.

We find here a series of 10 flower pots associated in linear along the facade, to decorate the sign on both sides of the large entrance gate in colored wood.

Illustrated references here
Outdoor plant containers for restaurant BUFFALO GRILL – Image’In fiber-cement planters. Rectangular formats.
References: IRM160.40H60 and IRM60.40H60.

Colors and Finishes
RAL 8019 Brown Gray with Satin Varnish.

Water Management
Draining base


Horticultural system (reference IOP-SH): polystyrene plate 40mm thick, perforated to ensure perennial drainage. Replaces the draining layer at the bottom of the tank usually made of clay balls, pozzolan, chippings … These plates are also equipped with small cups forming a reserve of water of the order of 5L / m².
The advantages: a perfectly long-lasting drainage and a reserve of water without any risk in the frost!

Adjustable feet: for leveling, the adjustable feet allow you to adjust perfectly the alignment of the planters. Ideal also for the passage of the automatic irrigation network under the bins (reservations in the bottom are also provided for this purpose).


Restaurant shown here:
BUFFALO GRILL VALENCIENNES Rue Boussingault Angle Rue Gay Lussac – ZAC Auchan, 59494 Petite-Forêt

An achievement signed CLUB SA ENTREPRISE

Photos credits
JOLY Fabien, CJCJ.

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